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Allied Insurance Services has grown and evolved from its original roots in 1989 into a well-respected multi-disciplined professional insurance and risk management agency with 6 offices servicing the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley areas. We’re here to help protect the assets that mean the most to you and your loved ones - whether it be your family, home, business, car, boat or even an upcoming vacation; we’ve got you covered.


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Hints on Understanding Home Insurance for New Homeowners

Congratulations on becoming a new homeowner! Now that you have your own space, it’s time to start thinking about protecting


Protecting Your Vacation Investments with Insurance

Do you have some time off planned? You’ve spent hours poring over reviews of hotels and attractions, but have you


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From Natural Disasters to Burglaries: A Comprehensive Guide to Home Insurance Coverage

When you’re at home, you’re the king. It’s the place where you raise your family and make lasting experiences with

Types of Insurance
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Simplify Your Life With Different Insurance Services: Comprehensive Coverage at Your Fingertips

Do you struggle to acquire the various insurance policies you require due to the papers and organizations you need to

travel insurance

Vacation Protection: The Advantages of Investing in Travel Insurance

After the disastrous results of the Covid-19 pandemic, we now know that even the most well-prepared strategies can fail. Extreme

Insurance Services
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From Homeowners to Business Owners: How Insurance Consultation Services Can Help You

Tired of trying to keep track of separate personal and business insurance policies? Do you long for an easy method

Auto Insurance

On the Road Again: The Essentials of Auto Insurance

The reality is that mishaps are common. When bad things happen, we have insurance to protect our finances. Your auto

Insurance service
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Achieve Financial Stability and Peace of Mind by Working with Professional Insurance Services

With the help of Insurance Services, you can have the peace of mind and financial security you deserve. You can stop

Business Insurance

Insuring Your Business for Success: A Comprehensive Guide to Business Insurance

It requires a great deal of effort and fortitude to build a firm from nothing. Purchasing insurance for your company

Health Insurance

In Good Hands: A Guide to Finding the Right Insurance Policies for You

Given the dramatic increase in the incidence of health problems at young ages in the present climate, health insurance is

home insurance

A Safe Haven: How Home Insurance Secures Your Living Space

House and possessions are protected by home insurance, often known as homeowner’s insurance. This policy protects your home against financial


So, you bought a home, what can your home insurance cover?

So, you’ve just bought your home? Amazing! For most people, buying a home is the biggest investment of their life.


Winter Prep for Your Home and Vehicle

Winter is just around the corner, and Allied Insurance has some tips when it comes to making sure your home


15 Items You Should Include In Your Vehicle Emergency Kit

An emergency kit in your car is something that you hope you will never have to use. Does that mean


Understanding Home Insurance for First Time Home Buyers

So, you bought a home, what can your home insurance cover? So, you’ve just bought your home? Amazing! For most


Driving at Night: 10 Safety Tips

1. Stay awake This may sound obvious, but research shows that fatigue is the cause of many car crashes, and

Private Auto and ICBC

A look at the difference between Private Auto Plan and ICBC

British Columbia is unique in the fact that everyone must have a policy that contains the ICBC Autoplan Basic Car