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5 Steps to Follow if you’ve Been Involved in a Car Accident

There are few things scarier than being involved in a car accident. Whether a bump or a major crash, as long as you are healthy enough and it’s safe enough to do so, here are a number of key steps to follow post-accident.

1. Do not leave the scene

Don’t drive away from the scene. It’s important to stay, even if the other party involved leaves. Of course, if you’re in harm’s way, ensure you move to a safe area where you can wait for assistance.

2. Stay alert, aware and call for help

Stay alert of other vehicles and people. If you are stuck on a busy road, be extremely careful when opening doors or exiting vehicles. If in danger, always call 911 for assistance. Depending on the severity of the car accident, you may well be calling 911 anyway. The operator on the phone will be able to assess the situation and will advise you whether emergency vehicles will be dispatched or whether you should report to a collision centre or the ICBC directly.

3. Gather information

If everyone involved is safe and unhurt, you can begin to gather information. Try to record the other driver’s information including name, driver’s license number, insurance company, vehicle details and any passenger names. However, if the other party involved is not being cooperative, wait for assistance from authorities to retrieve this information. A great way of gathering information is by taking photographs. This helps to prevent potential fraud, for example, further damage being applied to a vehicle post-accident to maximize claims.

4. File a report

When you are involved in an accident in British Columbia, you have to report it to ICBC. Use the information gathered from the scene to file this report – it will then be down to the ICBC to assess your claim, investigate, and estimate the cost of repair or whether the vehicle needs to be written off the road.

5. Call your insurance agency

Contact your insurance agency and submit a claim if you have additional coverage. Follow their steps – remember, do not exaggerate or modify details of a claim. Claims need to be as truthful as possible. If you suspect fraud, contact the ICBC.

Allied Inusrance Agency

When involved in a car accident, your safety is most important. Follow the above steps for a successful insurance claim. We offer customizable auto insurance plans which offer increased choice to Canadian drivers. So, contact us today to find out how we can help you!

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